Monday, August 20, 2007


One of my passions that I have handed on to my girls is the love of Longaberger baskets. Each year, Longaberger goes "on the road" to various places and sets up "camp". They bring you a smaller version of the main Longaberger Plant where they offer you the opportunity to weave your own basket, purchase many retired baskets and accessories, see the many NEW products and meet members of the Longaberger family. This year, they set up camp at the Boyds Bear Country in Gettysburg, PA which is a hop, skip & a jump from our house - how convenient! Since I have already had the opportunity to weave 2 baskets during my trips to Dresden, OH, which is where the Longaberger Manufacturing Center is located, I decided to let my girls experience it!


Tracey said...

Oh my gosh, is Longaberger still there? I would love to do that!! Let me know :)

Colleen said...

Hey Kelly - Let me know the next time you go on a basket trip. I would love to go. I love Longaberger also and have many of their baskets around my home.



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