Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Sick Day

Hugh has not called in to work sick in over 10 years, so you know he must be feeling pretty bad. It starts with a fever which usually lasts for 24 hours, then the aches, pains and chills set in, then begins to develop into a cold or a deep cough. How do I know this? Because both the girls had it last week. It's the flu! I managed to get a few sick pics of Hugh yesterday in bed, although he was not happy about it. He figured I was only taking his picture so that I would have something to blog about. Yes, but I told him that this was BIG news and that if his boss happened to read my blog, he would have proof that he was in fact home sick in bed! He made me promise that if I were to get sick that he could in turn take my picture to post on the blog, so I reluctantly agreed. I am 80% sure that I won't get the virus, because I had the flu vaccine! So, I hope that I will not be eating my words in a future posting.

"Oh the aches and pains!"

Note the hand gesture - I think that was meant for me

The drugs of choice

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Oh crud! So sorry to hear he is under the weather! I am currently sporting a 101 degree fever with throat so sore I can hardly swallow! I feel his pain.


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