Monday, February 11, 2008

The History of Valentine's Day

The origin of Valentine's Day is sketchy to say the least and there are several different theories. Most people believe that it is a celebration of St. Valentine's death. St. Valentine served as a priest in Rome during the third century. When the emporer outlawed marriages because single men performed better as soldiers, St. Valentine defied him and continued to marry couples, covertly. When the emporer learned of this, he sentenced St. Valentine to death. While Valentine was in jail, couples who he had secretly married,visited him and showered him with flowers and other gifts. On the day of St. Valentine's execution (February 14), he wrote a letter to a young woman he had fallen in love with and signed the letter,"From Your Valentine", thus the first Valentine. For more information on the history of Valentine's Day, click here Whatever legend you believe, remember Valentine's Day is a day to let others know how much they mean to you! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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