Friday, April 4, 2008


Up here in the country hills of PA, otherwise known as, hickville, or the backwoods of PA, we have many types of neighbors. Some were born and raised in these here hills, some have moved north from the city, and some are just plain ol' rednecks. You can find these types of neighbors in whatever small town you live. Check out some of the redneck inventions in my neighborhood.

Good ol' Deb!

What an ingenious idea, I just need to steal a shopping cart!

A game of horseshoes anyone?

We hear the rumbling/rattling of this wannabe Harley every morning!

I love this....a deerbell

A typical gingerbread house

This neighbor has everything, including the new "palm pilot"

Hugh is real envious of this house boat. See Mary Joe on the porch swing?

Andy's Pet carrier

Steve's idea of a pickup

This neighbor won the Powerball

This is the same neighbor on vacation

Cooper loves his new dog house!

1 comment:

Tracey said...

Too darn funny! I have to say, we are just about as redneck as some of those people. I mean, really. I hate Wal Mart as I need to put on my Sunday Go To Church clothes. LOL!


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