Friday, June 6, 2008

School's Out For Summer!

Today is our last day of school! Yippee!! Hooray!!! Yahoo!!! At least, that is how the kiddos feel! For some parents, it means, "I'm bored", "Where are we going today?" "She hit me!", etc. I must admit, it is a nice change of pace to end the regular mundane everyday school routine and begin with sleeping in, staying up late and most of all NO SCHEDULE. The beginning of the summer is usually filled with small activities - - camps, swimming, going for ice cream, etc. I AM looking forward to spending some enjoyable days (I hope) with the kids, as my work schedule will only be 3 days per week. We will have long 4 day weekends to do WHATEVER. The eleven weeks they are out of school will go by quickly for some. As for me, I am usually ready to start that regular mundane everyday school routine by then... And so are my wonderful, loving, motivated, children!! Ha!

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