Monday, June 23, 2008

Spa Night

Casey enjoyed her 10th b-day with 5 of her BFF's when they all participated in a "Spa Night" at Casey's Spa. Each girl was treated to a 15 minute pedicure and manicure. We set the mood on the front porch with "spa" music, lit candles, fountains, cold drinks, and Discovery Girl's magazines. It took the Pedicurist/Manicurist (a.k.a. me) a total of 2 hours to complete every girl! They all waited one by one as they relaxed on the comfy wicker reading magazines, sipping cold drinks and sharing silly stories. The spa was complete with a toe drying station, a nail station and even a massage station where Bailey (my assistant) gave 60 second massages. Check out the finished toes and nails.

The next morning, the girls decided to take turns on the zip line which goes from the tree house to another tree down in the yard. Currently, the zip line is hanging low to the ground because Hugh didn't want any of the girls falling off and breaking a leg. It just so happens that it is the perfect height for Casey. Take a look at the video below.

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