Thursday, September 25, 2008

Church Chat

I would like to share an article with you that one of my church pals wrote. She is a Columnist for our local newspaper and she always writes an Inspirational Column for me to publish in our monthly church newsletter. I hope you will take the time to read it.
Oh boy…. What an election this is turning out to be! Earlier today, someone told me, “The campaigns are really ENTERTAINING!” And aren’t they, though?
We’ve had various minorities stepping up to key positions; we’ve had drama; we’ve had the usual name-calling and mudslinging; and we’ve had the candidates’ religious beliefs and affiliations called into play and questioned. Yessiree! These campaigns have polarized, energized, divided, consumed, mortified, bored, angered, confused, numbified, excited, and frustrated the American voters. And I’d imagine the descriptions could continue….
Can we pick the good parts that each candidate brings to the table, combine that with the other candidate’s attributes, and throw out all the bad stuff from both of them? I don’t think so (too bad we can’t, though!).
I become a bit uncomfortable with the fact that these elections are so costly. I can barely keep my own head above water, financially, and when I get a request that asks for a campaign donation, I become a little annoyed. I understand it takes money, but gee whiz. I just can’t help thinking that there are better ways to use all that money being spent on campaigns that focus on negativity.
Yes, we need campaigns so that we can hear what the candidates are saying, but more importantly, we need to listen to what God’s telling us. I think we need to ask for His divine wisdom in helping us to choose the next president.
Remember to utilize your right to vote -- after you have that nice chat with God so that we can help choose the one that He wants in the White House.
(written by: Cubby Conrad)

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