Monday, October 27, 2008

A Welcome Addition

We have a new member of the family...his name is Michael and he is a 22 month old adorable and loving little boy who my cousin and her husband proudly adopted TODAY!! I am so happy for them, as I know Colleen has longed for a child and she makes a wonderful mother!! After being a foster parent for years, Colleen has had some disappointments, until Michael came into her life. She and Rick have been his foster parents since he was just an infant. The day has finally come for them to legally adopt Michael as their own. We celebrated this occasion yesterday with some of the family at a local sports pub (couldn't miss the game ya know). We showered Michael with gifts and he showered us with his love! What a blessing for us to have him in our family! Congratulations Colleen and Rick, new parents and Aunt Carol and Uncle Bernie, proud grandparents!!


Colleen Cardwell said...

Thank you Kelly! I do have some of the best family and friends a person could ask for. Would you mind sending me some of the other pictures you took. Thanks and hope to see you again really soon!

Janis said...

Thats a true love story! Colleen, I hope you see this. I wish you much love and joy in your life. Little Michael is so blessed to have you as his Mom! Congratulations to your whole family. God Bless, Aunt Jan


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