Saturday, November 22, 2008

Church Chat - Good For Goodness' Sake?

It has been brought to my attention about a recent broadcast (Nov. 13) on Fox news concerning the atheists, humanists and free thinkers feeling "left out" at Christmas time. Helloooooo??? Why would you want to be included in and or celebrate a Christian holiday known as CHRISTmas if you do not believe one iota in the reason for the celebration that is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? According to the broadcast some atheists still celebrate Christmas as a secular occasion - "one that doesn't need God." I am appalled by this statement made by Roy Speckhardt, American Humanists Association Executive. This particular Association is also responsible for running a $40,000 bus ad campaign promoting the slogan, "Why believe in God, Just Be Good For Goodness Sake", which coincidentally is being run during the Christmas season. Hugh said he recently saw the ad on a bus downtown. The Humanists feel that you do not need God to be good people.

I think I can safely speak for most of my readers, that we do need God to be good people. I know I sure do. Our freedoms do not come from man, they come from GOD.

Christmas is celebrated to honor the birth of our Lord who has given us the ultimate gift of salvation and we cannot let the atheists, humanists and free thinkers take God out of Christmas for goodness sake! As Christians, we need to be strong and stand up for our beliefs - the same Christian beliefs in which this very country was founded.

If you are interested in hearing the complete interview with the American Humanists Association, click here: Fox News Video.


{i}Post said...

Holy Mackerel! I thought I had heard of everything. The funny part about this is that the piece of us that tells us to be good, some call it a conscious, is God. They just don't know it. So the joke is on them.

Janis said...

It's called freedom of religion or no religion. Ipost hit the nail on the head. Our conscious, that little nagging voice that is trying to tell us right from wrong, is God.

Tracy said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but it boggles my mind how groups can speak out agaisnt God and still enjoy life. Seems they're the biggest hypocrites of all.


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