Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sawdust and TV's

I was very proud of the beautiful hand crafted entertainment center that my husband built less than five years ago in the corner of our family room. This was the focal point of the room which housed the perfectly good television set and gas fireplace. Wooden doors enclosed the television so that it was neatly tucked away when not in use. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my crafty handy man decided to get out the power saw and rip into this beautiful piece of built-in furniture!!! Why, you might ask?? Well, what wouldn't a man do for a larger television?? That's right....a newer, bigger television simply would not fit into the small opening above the gas fireplace; therefore, a few adjustments had to be made, but not without using the power saw! After measuring once and cutting twice, mounds of sawdust, and strategic planning, my crafty handy man was able to make room for the new 52" flat screen LCD television!

I am not happy to report that a thin layer of dust created by the power saw managed to get into every nook and cranny throughout the house! So, while my crafty handy man is relaxing and watching the football game in high def., as he so well deserves, I'll be dusting away!! Great job honey! We love it too!

Christmas 07 (before re-construction)

(A tarp covering work area to supposedly cut down on dust!)

The mad masked man!

The finished look with new TV (click on image to enlarge)


Janis said...

Wow! It turned out great! Kudo's to Hugh. Nice to have a "Handy Man" around the house.

{i}Post said...

He is quite the handy man! I hate dust though...I have on ongoing battle with it due to the slow construction going on in the basement!


GORGEOUS!!!! Well worth a little dusting. Hugh is such the handy man!

Anonymous said...

The tarp was for 'show' only. Dust proves there was a project done at the site. Great job, MAD MASKED MAN!!! What a nice TV.


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