Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mail Call Sunday - "Good things come in small packages"

It certainly has been quite some time since I've received any special surprise packages via snail mail, that is until this past Friday. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a small padded envelope with a special gift tucked inside from Tracey at Nine Acres. Have you ever heard the saying, "All good things come in small packages"? Well, this was certainly a good thing and it came in a small package! Tracey, who also happens to be my beautiful and talented cousin-in-law was so kind to send me a gorgeous handmade necklace specifically designed for little ol' me! I'll tell you one thing, there is not much this girl can't do. The inspiration behind the gift comes from the "Lucky Seven Giveaway". Take a look at her one-of-a-kind creation:

I truly love the necklace and put it on right away! Thank you sooooo much Tracey. Now, I need to get busy on my "Lucky Seven" gifts and since I only had two persons sign up, I should not have any problem at all completing this task. Only problem is, I have NO IDEA WHAT TO MAKE. It's a good thing I have until the end of the year because a promise is a promise and I can assure that my two "Lucky Seven" persons will receive their gift sooner or later.

p.s. check out Nine Acres' Mail Call Sunday here.


♥~♥ Nine Acres ♥~♥ said...

:0) I am so glad you like it! I hope the others liked it, as I have not heard anything from them yet *nervously biting my nails*

Tracy said...

What a beautfully crafted necklace! That looks like something you would wear and love.

Janis said...

How beautiful and fitting for you. Tracey did a great job making it.

quilly said...

That necklace is lovely! How lucky you are.

Faye said...

Oh, lucky you, Church Lady! This would be a piece of jewelry that I'd feel good about wearing every day. Did Tracey explain anything about the inspiration for the design--it looks somewhat Celtic to me. Complements your coloring so well.


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