Friday, July 24, 2009

Shell Chains

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My oldest daughter, Carley has been busy this summer working diligently on becoming what her father has labeled her, a "capitalist". (1: a person who has capital especially invested in business; broadly: a person of wealth). She has been working very hard creating a collection of "Sea Chains" to sell and make a profit on. Each Sea Chain is carefully woven with hemp string and beads and a small sea shell adds her signature mark, which makes each one unique and different. These Sea Chains are commonly used as key chains, but you may also use them as zipper pulls or you may adorn one from your purse or favorite tote. Carley's inspiration for her "Sea Chains" comes from her collection of key chains from all around the country (mostly on the East coast and a large portion is from our local Walmart). She has collected well over 100 key chains from every place she has visited and she is still collecting! Carley will be selling her Sea Chains right out of her back pack and at various craft and rummage sales. A portion of her profits will be donated to our Church's Building Fund.


Heather said...

good for her! Very enterprising and keeping her busy! Hope she sells many!

Janis said...

Carley has done a great job on her key chains. She can sell them at our yard sale.


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