Monday, November 2, 2009

Corn Salad & Weight Loss Update

Here is a very filling and healthy salad that I have been eating non-stop, thanks to my SIL, Rachelle who introduced the recipe to me a month ago. The ingredients are:

Frozen sweet corn (thawed or cooked and cooled)

Fresh diced salsa with onions

Black beans

Feta cheese

Combine all the ingredients above in your prettiest serving bowl you can find and there you have it, corn salad! Here is what mine looked like:

So far, I have lost 42 pounds and have gone down two sizes!!  My long-term goal is to lose about 10-15 more pounds. My short-term goal is to lose 5 before Christmas. I have never been so determined in losing and keeping off this weight.  Together with my two other gal friends who are with me on this journey, we have lost 97 pounds! I am so proud of them too! They are my support and I could not do this without them! Wish all of us luck as we continue on our weight loss journey!


quilly said...

Luck! And I am so proud of what you've already achieved. I love all the ingredients of this salad -- do you have a calorie count per serving?

D.Smith said...

First, you should have the self-cinfidence to lose weight because scientific results show the more people determined to lose would lose faster than an average person. Next, make sure you don’t skip a meal, just eat small portions and follow your own food guide pyramid. Drinking a lot of water helps allow the waste unneeded escape your body.

Janis said...

Wha Who...Good for U! I am so proud of all of U! Now that you have adopted a healthy life style it should be much easier to maintain a proper weight. U GO GIRL! I was wondering who made that corn was so good and easy to put together.

Faye said...

Congratulations on your successes with the battle of the bulge, Church Lady! It seems you've figured out a winning strategy. I'm trying to lose some weight myself--not too happy with annual physical exam results--neither was my doctor. . .:-) Currently I'm reading "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler,MD. He's giving me a lot of original food for thought and i'm trying to practice some of his recommendations. Will do a blog post update when there's news to report.

I will definitely make your corn salad--love everything in the recipe and the fact that it keeps for several days.

These Nine Acres said...

I am proud of you too. You look fabulous ;0) Can't wait to see you again. Think I will recognize you? ;0)

margaret said...

Oh, my friend! Congratulations on the weight loss - 42lbs, wowie zowie! Here's to a healthier Church Lady!!

And the recipe sounds nummy nummy, like all your recipes do *sigh* I love feta cheese. Not so nuts about red onions, but it looks like those aren't a requirement :-)

Keep us posted on your weight loss - I'm so happy for you!

Tracy said...

Not only do you look HOT but, you're doing your heart a favor, too!

I have yet to try your corn salad but it sounds like a yummy and filling dish.


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