Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Editing

While I would like to think that I can take a good photo, there is only so much my point and shoot camera will do.  My camera suits me just fine, given my limited knowledge of photography, but I am usually never happy with the quality of my photos. They are not horribly bad, they just aren't as crisp and clean as I would like them to be. This is where my good friend and cousin-in-law, Tracey, comes in handy. I have mentioned her before in previous posts. You can find her at Nine Acres and Nine Acres Photography.  Not only does Tracey offer photography classes, where you can learn to be a better picture taker, but she also specializes in photo editing.  Tracey can take any photo and edit it any way you like. Here are some examples of the "before" and "after" photos that Tracey so graciously edited for me.

I love the edits she made to my photos! Can you see the differences? Thanks Tracey!


Swampy said...

Yes. I can see the differences. I'm just now learning about lighting levels, unsharp mask, enhancing, etc.
Takes times but worth it.

quilly said...

Photo-editing software makes good photos great. Hooray for Tracy's generosity. Even though the software does the work, it takes some expertise to to the job!

Clara Margaret said...

Beautiful Photo Editing work


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