Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rookie Captain Blunder #96

When cruising through choppy water and wind, be sure all articles are secured in boat.

Items lost in the deep waters of Lake Clarke: 1 anchor, 1 bucket, 1 pair water shoes.

Total estimated loss = $50


Janis said...

LOL...just a new learning experience!

The Freedom Writer said...

The captain will need to review operating procedures with the First Mate for future voyages.

Tracy said...

Atleast no children were lost.

Thena said...

All replaceable items. A young woman fell from a boat over the weekend at Tybee Island in Savannah. Somehow hit the propeller and died on the way to the hospital.
Thought about your Mom this weekend, me, Megan, Makayla and Emily spent the weekend at Jekyll Island.

That corgi :) said...

oops, but at least lives were okay, right? I'm sure lessons are learned for future endeavors :)

(my job technically could be taken over by the computer, but not until more advanced technology comes along and computers can better distinguish between certain words, it is certainly possible, but hoping it won't happen in my working days, LOL)


Deanna said...

$50 is a small price to pay - right? I'm here from That Corgi's site where she asked what we do. You caught my attention since I, too, am a church lady. I've got the same nickname!

quilly said...

As long as all the people are safe, all is well.


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