Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoot Me #11 #12 & #13 of 52

Whenever FW and I get the opportunity to be without our loving and adorable teen girls because they are "occupied" with friends, you won't find us on the family pontoon boat. Nope. You will find us enjoying "we" time on the motorcycle. Just him and I riding free to usually nowhere significant. Sometimes we will simply take a short ride around the lake. Sometimes we will just ride around the neighborhood. And sometimes we have a destination. 

This time, our destination was the small quaint town of New Oxford, PA, which is less than 1/2 hour from our home. We came upon historic Kuhn Tavern hoping to quench our thirst from the long ride. Only to our disappointment, did we learn that Kuhn Tavern is no longer a "watering hole" so to speak. The tavern has been a museum and historical site for many years. The museum was closed, but we were lucky to meet the current owner, Mr. James Stock, who happened to spot us peeking in the windows of the renovated building, which originated in 1763. How lucky were we to get a personal guided tour inside?!

Here I am pictured below with Mr. Stock. We are standing in the downstairs hall archway, which is the only original part left of the building.

Me on the porch of the Tavern

Since we were thirsting for a cold drink, we did what any biker would do....we moved on to the next "watering hole" and found ourselves at Scozzaros Old Mill Inn, an Adams County landmark situated between New Oxford and Gettysburg. We had a nice dinner on the deck and then we headed 15 minutes West to historic Dobbin House Tavern located in the heart of Gettysburg for our after dinner coffee. It was certainly an enjoyable quality evening spent with my hubby prior to having my surgery. 

Historic Dobbin House in Gettysburg, PA

FW outside of the Dobbin House

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Jan n Jer said...

Why do I want to sing..."Born to be wild" all of a sudden..hmmmmm! Great photos of some very historic places nearby! Oh...good pics of u2!!!

Tracy said...

How do you manage to still have great hair even after a helmet's been on your head smushing all your hair down? Great pictures you sexy biker chic!! Interesting story, too.

These Nine Acres said...

Sounds like an awesome time. And you, my dear, look HOT!

Jan said...

Great post and photos. I rode for 10 years, nothing like it.

Marice said...

what an adventure! wonderful photos too :)

u may view mine here

Quilly said...

This is a great post! I like the way you incorporated the pics of yourself, a bit of travel info, a bit of history, and some wonderful free advertising for your gracious host.

Life With The Boys! said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I think we may be neighbors I also live in Southern Pa and I visited those places in Gettyburg that you posted so many times I lost count!! :) I live on the MD border, about 5 miles from Hagerstown Md in a small town called Greencastle. Oh my it's a small world. Thanks so much for visiting. I'm now a follower - I love your blog!!

Life With The Boys! said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I think we may be neighbors!1 I have visited those places in Gettysburg and New Oford more times than I can count. I live in Southern PA, about 5 miles from MD in a small town called Greencastle.

It's a small world. I'm following you now, so maybe we can keep up on each other wonderfully crazy life! So nice to met you.

hip-chick said...

Great pictures. I hope you did find something to quench your thirst.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cool places. Looks like you had a fun adventure.

~sWaMpY~ said...

So, now I can live vicariously through you. Love the idea of riding. Awesome photos and you look even more so.

Pamela said...

When we were traveling we were stopped -- on the highway - waiting for a huge houseboat to come thru. The couple in front of us were on their separate bikes, in black leather.

It was very hot outside. I think I;d chose white leather ?? hee hee

hey... you look good with your bike.


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