Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet Pia

The newest member of the Living Life clan arrived via a birthday package from my oldest daughter's BFF, Mic. The package was hand delivered and wrapped so beautifully. Imagine my surprise when a kitten popped out of the box! I believe it was a ploy very meticulously planned by my daughter and her BFF. 

How could we say "No, you cannot keep this cute little fuzzy playful rotten amusing critter?" Of course, you know who is taking care of it....yep, you guessed it - me.


Jan n Jer said...

I do have to admit she is a cute little thing!! Hope she is friendlier then Kiki.

Lois Evensen said...

How very pretty! She's a Major White Calico similar to one we had years ago. Very nice!

Thom said...

Is that like in Izadora? LOL cute for a pus... Umm cat! LOL

karisma said...

AWWW she is beautiful!

Pamela said...

Kittens smell so sweet.


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