Thursday, September 1, 2011

Less Than A Minute Update | Shoot Me

Good golly Miss Molly! Where did the summer go? I can hardly believe that it is the first of September already. But I'm not complaining. The kids are back in school (can I hear an AMEN!) and Fall is just around the bend.

If you are wondering if Pennsylvania was affected by Hurricane Irene, the answer is yes. We live in South Central Pennsylvania, so the effects were not as bad, but we still went without power for about 13 hours and had alot of tree limbs and debris in our yard. We were very lucky compared to some other folks, some of which are still without electric. Continued prayers for them.

And yes, we were also affected by the 5.8 earthquake, which was centered in Virginia last Tuesday. It sent shock waves all up and down the East Coast. I was doing some work in the Walmart store during the quake and was apparently so engrossed in my work, I missed the entire 30 second tremor. Now I know this may sound a little twisted, but I'm kinda bummed that I missed it, especially after hearing everyone's stories about where they were and what they were doing at that precise moment in time. I am, however, thankful that it was only a mild quake and nothing more. It was a very scary moment for some.

I'm looking forward to our Labor Day weekend getaway to Deep Creek Lake, MD. My Uncle John owns a beautiful cabin there and we will be making the 3.5 hour drive with boat in tow on Saturday. Pray for nice weather.

We stay pretty busy during the Fall months. Wait. Who am I kidding. We stay pretty busy ALL the time. There is lots going on and lots to look forward to. It is football season and since Nature Girl is a cheerleader, we will be attending all the JV football games. I just love football season!

And there you have it.....Living Life's "Less Than a Minute Update". 

I will leave you all today with this wonderful group photo of my Step-Mom's family, as we celebrated her birthday this past weekend at Friendly Farms. I am pictured in the very middle back row.

Have an awesome weekend, my friends. Stay safe and have fun!

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Jennifer said...

Nice update, sounds like your gonna be a busy bee. Glad you & your family are ok. Great family picture.

Jan n Jer said...

Busy is your middle name! Yep..Fall is certainly in the air...Happy fave month!! Nice family pic!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. As you know, things have been kind of wild around my place.

I know exactly what you mean about the earthquake. We live near the New Madrid Fault and have quakes here from time to time. Each and every time, I have been in the car or someplace odd and haven't felt a thing. No one can beleive it. LOL. Glad you didn't have any major problems from Irene. I thought about you guys.

Corker2 said...

Just happen to notice your Blog. We live just up here in Reading, PA about 60 miles NW of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania does have allot to offer from it's History to the Mountains up North of here. I just love to "snoop around" Historical spots in my area, which I have visited a few times.

Good ole' Irene did not hit us here very bad. Lot's of wind & some heavy rain, but that was about it. I think we just got the outer bands of the storm.

Be Well. You have some nice Images of you and your Family.


gayle said...

We had some hard rains from the hurricane but it wasn't as bad as some we have had!
Lucky me I felt the earthquake....dishes were shaking and so was my kitchen table. One daughter did and one was mad she didn't.

Love your family picture!

Faye said...

I too was following wild girl Irene even though in Scandinavia--several people in our tour group were from your area and VT. so trying to find out if property damaged by hurricane, flooding AND quake. I personally was worried that Dulles would be closed and I couldn't get home on Sept. 3--help myself that is!

Love, love fall although won't be going to weekly football games. Hope you're having a good Labor Day weekend.


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