Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sticking Around

It's that time of year in Southern PA when the spiders and crazy insects begin to crawl out of the woodwork. Literally. You see, we live on a wooded lot and therefore, the bugs can be quite abundant. I have even seen a fair share of wood roaches, which are very different from just the regular cock roaches. Of course, a roach is a roach I suppose. No matter the name or the size, they gross me out whenever I see one scurry across the front porch. 

I think it's safe to say that most spiders and insects do not amuse me and in fact, they down right bug me. There is one insect however, that I have always found quite interesting.

Did you know that some species of this insect can grow up to 14 inches long? This particular species from Borneo, broke the world record in 2008 for being the longest insect.

Some species can also fly.

This insect can range in color from a dull brown to a bright green.

They have been known to play dead.

It does not bite but it can release a foul smelling odor as a defense mechanism.

Give up?

It is the STICK BUG! (Not the stink bug)

This little guy has been sticking around for a while. He is not blending too well on the siding. One thing I was never quite sure to tell its front end from its back end?


Beyond Wandering said...

Wow..I would have mistaken it for a stick :-) So cool though.

Jan n Jer said...

These insects really fascinate me. I think it's front end is where the shorter legs are.

That corgi :) said...

Interesting! I don't think I'ever seen a stick bug! It certainly lives up to its name, though! I wonder if all the bugs are looking for their winter homes? (hopefully not inside your house of course!)

happy weekend!


Thena said...

Looks like a stick you would see out in the yard. Probably seen one and didn't know it.


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