Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - I Am A Sexy Bridge

My girls pointed out some graffiti on this old railroad bridge located less than a mile from my home. I didn't know bridges could be sexy, did you?


Jan n Jer said...

Hey your not suppose to talk on WW. Nice shot...where is this???

Faye said...

Now that's a post title that will catch some attention! Like you, how does a bridge earn such a title? And good for the girls, maybe they'll be great photographers too.

Seeing the peace sign-my late friend loved her family jewelry, but recently she wore a gold peace necklace. Both of us being children of the 60s, I'm now wearing her necklace with pride and thinking of her and the good times.

kaye said...


melifaif said...

Well I see it


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