Monday, October 8, 2012



Someone who is addicted to taking photographs.
"Kelly is such a photoholic - she takes her camera everywhere."

My days of keeping photo scrapbooks have gone by the wayside. At one time, I enjoyed scrapbooking and I have my fair share of completed and uncompleted books, but I simply do not have the time, patience, creativity or desire to do it anymore. Besides, in this digital age of cameras and photography, I find it alot easier to keep my photos organized on the computer and in digital photo books The problem is, I have oodles and oodles of photos stored on my computer right now. I am in desperate need of some sort of external drive to move them to before I risk the possibility of losing them all one day. 

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I usually ALWAYS have my camera in tow wherever I go. And anyone that knows me also knows that when they are with me, they risk the possibility of having their photo taken. Photography is my passion and hobby. It is an interest that I share with my Mom and my Sister and we are lucky to all have something in common that we enjoy. 

Because of our enthusiasm and love for photography, we recently helped form the first Photography Club in our area, conveniently named, "The Photoholics". We've received great interest from people in our community, making it a huge success! Photography club meetings are held the first Monday of every month at our church and include informative handouts, photo assignments, hands-on practice sessions and photo field trips, as well as question and answer sessions by experienced local photographers. It is a "club type" forum atmosphere where novice and experienced photographers can gather once a month to share in their avocation.

I am enthused and eager to learn many new photography tips at our photo club and hopeful that I will gain some useful information on storing my photos externally. If you are from the Hanover, Pennsylvania or surrounding area, and would like additional details on The South Hanover Photoholics Photography Club, please contact me via my contact button on my side bar. 

Photoholics Blog design in progress.....


That corgi :) said...

I like your new blog look!! How fun with the photography club! Great outreach I do believe! Have fun with it!


Faye said...

This sounds like a great club that you have started, Kelly. I too used to create travel scrapbooks from all the places I've visited. Now it's easier and more fun to just use the photos for blog and facebook tales.

Good luck with your club and I'll learn vicariously by studying yours and mom's photos. I also like your sister's style but don't have her in blogroll so forget to check.

BTW, I remember these cool photos that you've used in this post.

Jan n Jer said...

This is a great post Kel...hope lots of interested folks will see this n join us in our great venture as we all learn together. Awesome shots too!

Tracy said...

Nice way to advertise the photo club. Love the new blog you designed!


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