Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Football Photo Booth Fun

How bout those Baltimore RAVENS!!! I am tickled purple!!

We decided to have a little photo booth fun at our Super Bowl party this year. I think our guests enjoyed dressing up and posing for an exciting and memorable event. 

A "photo booth" can be created for any event. Simply pick a theme, create a back drop and add props for dressing up.  It's FUN!

Your photos can be edited and cropped then made into a photo booth strip or collage in Pic Monkey. I prefer the 4-square collage, as it makes for a larger photo.

Oh and yes, we did have ONE 49er's trader fan at our party, but we won't hold anything against him, especially since, well....I don't need to remind him.  


Tracy said...

We had a lot of fun. Great idea doing the DIY photo booth. I think I had more fun taking the pictures then posing for them.

Jan n Jer said...

That is so fun..very creative...I see a photo booth for all our gatherings from now on. We need to make one like Mitz has for her luau every year.


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