Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dock Dogs in Action

One of the things we look forward to every summer is watching the Keystone Dock Dogs competition at our local State Park. Boaters and spectators line up along the shore line for the 3-day event. This water sport for dogs is very popular and fun to watch in which dog trainers encourage their dogs to jump from the dock into the water using a toy or frisbee, which they toss and the dog jumps after. The winner is determined by measuring the distance the dog jumped just before hitting the water.

The sport is very popular among the water loving Labrador Retriever breed.

This fella was a little too scared to jump.

His trainer tries to encourage him to jump.

This pup thought it was too far down and there was no way he was gettin in that water!

These photos were taken from our pontoon boat.


Jan n Jer said...

I love watching them....nice action shots!

Faye said...

So much fun to watch this, I'm sure. Love the hesitant dog and encouraging owner dramas. Great flying dog shots! And what about my man Cooper? He doesn't get into this? Too hot?


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