Monday, December 9, 2013

Cooper's Snow Day

There isn't anyone who is more happy when it snows than Cooper.

I haven't seen him this happy since we moved into our new home. I think Cooper battled with depression right after the move due to the restrictions of "city living". But he is adjusting and adapting quite well now.

Normally, we have to kick Cooper out of the house in order for him to use the doggie facilities, but on a snow day, Cooper wants to be outside.

He loves the fresh white fluffy snow, and how it feels on his private parts tongue.

The only disadvantage to a snow day is there is no one who wants to play with him outside.  The girls have out-grown playing in the snow. Don't those eyes just beg, "pwease come outside to pway!"


betty said...

So cute! I do agree Cooper probably did feel a bit depression after your move. Koda went through the same thing when we moved from Montana to Southern California and he lost his big back yard and going with me on my errands (weather permitting).

He too loved the snow, playing in it.


Jan n Jer said...

Haha...he is your third child for sure!!! "Private parts"!!! you crack me up!!!

Tracy said...

Awww...Cooper needs to come over and play with his cousins. They are having a blast.

Faye said...

Run, Cooper! Run! So glad you got a snow day.


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