Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Time To Dust Off The Ol' Camera

It's time to dust the ol' camera off and put it to use once again. My passion for photography had slowed tremendously over the past few months it seems. I am thankful for its' return. The fall season always motivates me to take more photos. Plus, my local photography club is back in session - another motivator in competing with club members for that perfect photo!

I'm not happy that over the weekend while capturing some fantastic photos at the Apple Orchard, my camera fell and hit a hard surface cracking the screen. So, instead of purchasing that new 24-70 mm Nikon lens, I will be sending my camera away to a repair shop to replace my cracked screen/monitor. Oh well, life isn't always fair. 

If you find yourself in my part of town and would like to check out my Photography Club, click the tab at the top of my blog for details.

Photo taken with i-phone 5c


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