Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Cookie Connection

Forget the bad economy. Forget New Year's diets. The Girl Scouts are on their annual mission to sell as many cookies as humanly possible, despite hard economic times. Their goal: 1.2 million boxes and at $3.50 per box, everyone can afford at least one! It's no secret - by now you all know that I am a proud Girl Scout along with my 2 girls. Girl Scouts is the largest organization in the world whose mission is to build girl's confidence, character and self-esteem in order to make the world a better place. So, family members and close friends, click my e-mail button to the left and let me know how many boxes of cookies you would like this year. I will gladly get them to you! The Troop earns a certain percentage which is used to purchase supplies and badges for the girls. Click here to see what cookie choices are available this year. And, if you do not want the cookies, you can simply make a donation directly to our Troop, or you can purchase the cookies and donate them to a nursing home, homeless shelter, etc. It is your choice! We thank you in advance for supporting this wonderful organization! For more details about Girl Scouts, click my link to the left.

Many Blesssings,


{i}Post said...

I have already been "hit up" by the local troop! What a good cause, though! Love the new look, BTW! When are we getting together for breakfast again? ;0)

Janis said...

I will be sending a donation for the troop. So proud of my grandaughters.


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