Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Invited by Trump - My Perspective of January 6, 2021

When president Trump invited all patriots to rally together and join him in DC on January 6, 2021 to show their support in disqualifying the Electoral College votes and protest the 2020 election outcome, I felt strongly that I needed to go, not only because based on my research, I concluded that voter fraud existed, but because, sadly, our constitution is at stake.  I am fully aware that voter fraud has existed for decades throughout every election in the U.S.  However, what has been exposed during this 2020 election and the sheer hatred for our president by misinformed people, has left a thorn in my chest, piercing my heart every time it beats.

I am a Trump supporter and not afraid to admit it.  However, attending the rally was so much more to me than supporting Trump.  I, like Trump, love America and what it stands for - LIBERTY and FREEDOM.  So, when a small group of us decided to caravan into DC on Jan. 6, we did so proudly and honorably.  I couldn't be more proud that my oldest daughter and her boyfriend joined us on the Jan. 6 journey.  When I was her age, politics was the farthest thing from my mind.  Maybe because the election process, for the most part, seemed fair back then, and it just wasn't something you had to worry about.  My daughter shows a genuine interest in our constitution and she seems to understand what's at stake here.  My Father-in-Law, who is 80+ years old, legally blind, and just had heart surgery was eager to attend, knowing it would most likely be his last time in DC.  He served in the Air Force and was stationed in Alaska.  While it probably killed him to be pushed around DC in a wheelchair, it was the only way for him to get around due to his failing eyesight. Also in our group was my husband, step mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and two of my dearest friends. Prior to embarking on our march, we agreed upon a meeting place in the event we were separated and unable to use our cell phones. DC has several 5g cell towers, and even though it appeared we had full cell service, text messages and phone calls were sporadic and all social apps were crashing.  There was simply no posting to Facebook or Insta, or Twitter at all during the event.  As the day went on, the crowd grew thicker, and our group stuck together like glue.

We did think about our well-being knowing that when you attend any event with an expected large crowd, your safety could be in danger. Mostly though, I thought about a potential terrorist attack on the people and a large explosion from a pipe bomb that would kill hundreds of innocent protesters.  Thankfully, nothing like that happened at all.  From my perspective, there were thousands of good hearted people from all across the country who came to DC to hear Trump speak and to protest in front of the Capitol so that members of Congress would see and hear the American people's discontent with the fraudulent election. There were veterans, service members, blue collar workers, young adults, retired folks, moms, dads, teachers, preachers, nuns, evangelists, LGBT, puppy dogs, entrepreneurs, and so many normal, hard working American folks just like myself.  Following Trump's speech, everyone marched onward to the Capitol (a good 2 mile walk) proudly waiving Trump flags, and all things USA.  President Trump encouraged everyone to gather and protest together in his words, "peacefully and patriotically" at the Capitol where Congress was in session to confirm the Electoral College votes. I witnessed nothing but calm, good caring people all around me and beyond, from the Washington Monument all the way to the Capitol. I witnessed an elderly couple dancing in the street and people singing, as well as various vendors selling Trump and USA memorabilia, and overall the mood of the people was solemn, but hopeful.

When we finally reached the Capitol grounds, there were some protesters who had already stomped over the plastic fence barrier and had made their way onto the lawn that led up to the building itself.  My friend made his way to the front line of protesters where DC Capitol police were strategically stationed holding shields and tear gas.  Officers fired tear gas several times into the crowd.  Not only did my my friend inhale some of that tear gas, but he was able to capture great video coverage of people who were clearly upset, but not at all out of hand, chanting, "STOP THE STEAL!!", and "OUR VOTE MATTERS!!"  Slowly, but steadily protesters filled the entire lawn in front of the Capitol.  There was a sea of red, white and blue Patriots and it was an awesome feeling to take part in the overwhelming support for our president and what this country was founded upon.

For as long as we were there, no one got out of hand, there was no vandalism, no trashing, no fighting, no gunshots, no explosions, no fires, no break-ins, and what appeared to be a calm and orderly protest.  It was close to 2:30 p.m. when we decided we had spent a long enough day in DC, so we made our way back to our cars, which were parked in a garage about 3 blocks from the Capitol.  It was during that approximate time, that some protesters decided to forcibly make their way inside the Capitol building to wreak havoc. They climbed the walls and broke windows to gain access inside. A senior FBI official reported that he received credible information that at least 2 dozen people were planning to attend the rally to engage in violence. It has since been confirmed that some of the protesters were affiliated with Antifa or BLM, as well as other paid agitators disguised as Trump supporters.  Sadly, a 35 year-old Air Force veteran was shot and killed after she followed others into the Capitol.  I later learned that she was a Trump supporter. Clearly, there were some upset protesters, and they should most definitely be held accountable for any criminal actions. According to OAN (One America News source), there were 170 people arrested and charges ranged from breaking and entering to theft and assault.  

I have no regrets that I attended the rally and took part in this historic event, as I am genuinely concerned for our country and felt strongly about exercising my freedom to speak out against the election fraud.  Unfortunately, it appears that we have reached a turning point in our Nation's history, one that will hinder our freedom and liberty, and abolish the constitution as we know it.  Our freedom of speech has already been jeopardized.  Next it will be the second amendment, and after the first and second amendments have been taken from us, it will no longer be the country that was founded, and therefore, will no longer be these free United States of America. Without the bill of rights, the constitution is no longer valid.  Let that sink in people.  

I will never stop fighting for our country's freedom. I will do so in ways that I am able as a follower of Jesus Christ.  It is unfortunate that the media has used the event of Jan. 6 to further destroy whom I believe to be the only president who has accomplished more for this Country than any other president before him.  I will continue to have faith and trust in our God that He is in control, and lean on His understanding that sometimes He has to work through the bad people to bring about greater goodness in the days ahead.  "It's far better to take refuge in the Lord, than to trust any human."  Psalm 118:8 

     "Our country was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 
 - John Adams
Video of  crowd near Washington Monument just before President Trump's speech at the Ellipse
(Video Credit: C. Weibe)

Washington DC Capitol lawn beginning to fill in with protesters (Photo Credit: K. Reynolds)

Fence in front of Capitol that was trampled down by protesters (Photo Credit: C. Weibe)

Patriots climb onto statute with confederate flags (Photo Credit: K. Reynolds)

Patriots (Photo Credit: D. Whatley)

American knit hat ladies (Photo Credit: D. Whatley)

Marching towards Capitol (Photo Credit: D. Whatley)

Marching toward the Capitol down Constitution Ave. (Photo Credit: D. Whatley)

Stay informed, be safe and above all, stay healthy my friends!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Covid Got My Whole Family Like...SURPRISE!

For months since the pandemic broke, I've been fortunate enough to say that I do not personally know anyone who has gotten ill with COVID-19 or has died from COVID-19.  That is, until now. Much to my surprise, I never would have imagined it would hit so close to home. So close in fact, SARS-CoV-2 has infected my entire family of four and I suspect the dog too (more on why I think my dog has COVID later in this post).   

The purpose of this blog post is to simply document my experience and assure you all that we will SURVIVE!  We got this!  

One thing is certain, SARS-CoV-2 does not discriminate.  I am 90% certain that my husband and I contracted the virus directly from one or both of our daughters who most likely got it from a social event they both attended. We are unsure of the order, or who passed it to who, but we have all been infected at or about the same time. What I can tell you is CV-19 has affected each one of my family members differently, and similarly too.  For the most part, my husband and I have had the same symptoms (we are in our young 50's), but both of my daughters, ages 22 and 24, have experienced slightly different symptoms. We are all relatively healthy.  We eat healthy, we exercise regularly, and we are all very fortunate to have no underlying health conditions or concerns.  Given those factors, we are confident that the virus will not linger for long.... or at least we hope so.

It is day 5 for my husband and I and day10 for both of my daughters.  We were all officially tested at the same time, with the exception of my husband (I am certain that based on my diagnosis, and his symptoms, that he too must have CV-19).

My husband and I both started with the same exact symptoms, 1 day apart - - headache, body aches, chills, and a slightly elevated fever.  I started with a sore throat and a cough on day 3.  My daughters have experienced body aches, headaches, tiredness, and most recently, loss of taste and smell.  Drug of choice = Advil and AdvilPM.  My doc prescribed me an inhaler and a cough suppressant, but I haven't felt the need to take either.  We have also been taking our zinc regularly.  This known supplement has been proven to bolster the immune system.  According to webmd, having zinc in your blood could lower your odds of dying from COVID-19. In addition to taking zinc and a pain reliever, we have been drinking lots of fluids, eating chicken noodle soup (homemade - thanks mama!), and resting. 

In short, all of our symptoms have been very similar to having the flu, only not nearly as bad as the flu.  At no time have any of us experienced shortness of breath or trouble breathing (thank goodness), which was once a common concern with this virus.  Based on my research, I have found that our symptoms are much like what other infected people with no underlying health conditions seem to be experiencing today.  I am no scientist, but it is my belief based on my personal experience, that CV-19 has weakened, largely in part due to herd immunity and therefore, the effect it is having on people is not as severe as it once was.  

As this thing winds down and turns the corner, our symptoms are less severe with each passing day.  I am tired - very tired, and I have loss of appetite.  Fortunately, I am able to work from home on my laptop, so my daily routine exists of work, nap, work, nap, repeat. My husband and 22 year old daughter can also work from home.  My older daughter will have to file for unemployment until she can return to her place of employment.  We are in this thing together as a family and while I don't think we are completely out of the woods just yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

I mentioned earlier that I think we could have possibly passed the virus onto our dog. While Coop is a senior dog (a very stubborn senior, I might add), he is on a strict daily diet.  Due to his age, his appetite is inconsistent.  Some days he eats and other days he will skip a meal, but all in all his poop has always been well... solid. Today however, we witnessed that Cooper has a bad case of diarrhea.  Studies have shown that humans can pass the virus onto their dog or cat, so we are thinking that maybe Cooper has CV-19 as well.  Hopefully, Sir Louie (pictured below) will not get sick, because as you can see, he likes to think he is my assistant, but has served as nothing more than a furry paperweight.

Take it from us..... it sucks getting sick, it brings you down, and it's a bump in the road...BUT YOU can survive COVID-19 - it's not as bad as the flu.  You don't have to fear it, and most importantly, it is not cool to treat those who have had CV-19 (or have it) like a leper.  

As our trusty pres has told us, "Don't be afraid of COVID and don't let it dominate your life"~ Trump

  • You can survive COVID-19
  • COVID-19 can spread like wildfire and is easily transmitted to others
  • Mask or no mask, COVID-19 does not discriminate
  • Wash your hands 
Be safe, remain informed, and stay healthy!  

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Corona Diaries - Random Sunday Thoughts

Cooper wears his mask like a scarf

Coop loves the fresh air and 'Merica too!
 My daughter found the mother of all hand sanitizers

I cannot wait to go to the office tomorrow and wear my mask, said NO ONE EVER!

Ugh, when is this going to end!!!!!!!! 😷😷😷

Stay informed, be safe, and above all stay healthy my friends!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Corona Diaries | Beach Dreamin'

Gonna put the world away for a minute;
Pretend I don't live in it;
Sunshine gonna wash my blues away...

I don't know about you all, but I'm so ready for a vacation!  What makes it worse is knowing you can't really go anywhere even if you wanted to.  I mean realistically you could go on a road trip, but everything is closed. What's the point in vacationing if the restaurants are closed.  That to me is one of the highlights of vacationing. Anyhow, I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming of a getaway following this quarantine we're all following willingly.  I'm a beach girl so that would be my destination of choice.  I suppose for now, I will dream of being:

Knee deep in the water somewhere;
Got the blue sky breeze blowin' wind through my hair;
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair.....
- Zac Brown

Where will your destination of choice be when the Stay at Home orders are lifted?

St. Lucia

Daytona, Florida

Outer Banks, NC

Cape May, NJ

Ocean City, Maryland

Stay informed, be safe and above all, stay healthy, my friends!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Corona Diaries - Jesus, Bald Eagles and My Immune System

Psssst.  Do you know what Hanover PA’s best kept secret is?? Well, according to my geeky National Geographic self, THE HANOVER BALD EAGLE CAM!!! That’s right folks, there is an Eagle Cam right here in my little home town and the best part is you can view the nest and the bald eagles, Liberty and Freedom up close and personal LIVE in HD right from your living room couch. 

In 2015, I was glued to the LIVE streaming and witnessed the eaglets hatching.  It was so exciting!!

I just started watching the nest again and apparently, I missed the April hatchlings. I learned that sadly, the eggs did not survive.  Liberty is the female bald eagle (the larger of the pair). If you care to tune in, the eagles are not always in their nest.  I have found that they frequent the nest in the early morning hours and sometimes at dusk.  What a thrill it is to see that!  

I absolutely love the names of the Hanover, PA eagle pair – LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.  How appropriate and symbolic for the troubling times we are facing as a Nation.  With all the government crackdowns and over-policing of people and businesses due to the pandemic, I believe we all need a reminder of where our liberties and freedoms come from.  It is my belief that our RIGHTS come from our Creator.

I am being as respectful as I can by following the recommendations and guidelines to keep me, my family and others from contracting the COVID-19, but c'mon people enough is enough with the ridiculousness!  How many more restrictions will be enforced upon us??  Enough is enough.

Like my bestie always reminds me, I have Jesus ya'll, and an immune system!  I will not fear!

Now, excuse me while I get back to my nest watching addiction.  Trust me, it's far better than watching the news.

Stay informed, be safe, and above all stay healthy!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Corona Diaries - 5 Good Reasons To Take In A Sunset

I remember as a young child riding in the car with my Great Gram.  We were probably out for ice cream or a Sunday drive through the country, but I distinctly remember the sky.  The sky was a beautiful canvas of orange, reds, blues and pinks.  My Gram and I were just amazed at God's beautiful artwork as we stared out the back passenger window together, and I remember gram saying to me, "it looks like the sky is on fire".  It was so vivid and vibrant, the image will be forever ingrained in my mind and so will Grams words that described it.  Thus began my love for sunsets. 😍

Have you taken time for a sunset lately?  There really is no better time with all of this sickness going on in the world.  Besides, a sunset gives us hope - a promise of a new dawn. A good sunset may be just what the doctor ordered.

5 Good Reasons to Take In A Sunset:

Long Arm Dam 4.13.20
1.  A sunset will allow you to decompress and relax from a stressful day.
2.  A sunset will get you outside for fresh air.
3.  A sunset will inspire you.
4.  A sunset will make you appreciate God's glory.
5.  A sunset does not cost a thing!

This quick cell phone pic was taken this evening near my home.  I actually wish I had my DSLR 📷 with me, but it was a spur of the moment decision to drive past the dam on my way home.  After today's crazy weather of storms and high winds, it's hard to believe the day ended so peacefully. God gives us this free gift every single day of our lives.  Get out there and accept His beautiful, awe inspiring present, and know that through Him, there is hope for better days ahead.

Stay informed, be safe and above all, stay healthy my friends!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Corona Diaries - Easter Like No Other

There's no doubt, Easter will be like no other this year due to the Stay at Home Orders across the U.S. Any normal year, Christians would dress up in their pretty pastels and along with their families, head out of their homes to do what most Christians do on Easter Sunday - - attend a church worship service, followed by that egg hunt and big family brunch.  Just because we will not be able to gather together as a whole church on Easter does not mean we won't be celebrating today. In fact, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  Amen? 🙌🙌

Many of us won't be worshiping together at a physical church today, but we have to remember, we ARE the Church whether we're together physically, or together spiritually.  The beauty of living in today's world is the fact that technology will bring us together on another platform. Most churches will be streaming live and/or pre-recorded church services today.  I hope you are able to find one to worship with.  Let us not focus on the fact that we are unable to gather together today physically, but instead focus on the real reason for the season and His glorious promise for eternal life for all who believe in Him.  For by His grace we are saved through faith!

Have a blessed Easter and celebration Corona-style!

If there was ZOOM in Biblical times:

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Corona Diaries - Hold On For Better Days

Oh man.... love me some Luke Combs.  I think it's cool how during this quarantine time alot of musicians are playing music from their homes in the raw.  I absolutely LOVE it.  It's so real and heartwarming.  You will love this Luke Combs unreleased tune, What Do You Do When It's Raining.  Luke said it was just before this whole Coronavirus mess that he wrote this song while he was at the beach and it was raining.  His fiancee' Nicole asked, "What do you do when it's raining?"  And Luke said the lyrics just came to him.  It's funny how the lyrics apply to the storm we're riding out now.  He couldn't have said it any better:

"Enjoy the break, and hold on for better days til the sunshine shines again".

Stay informed, be safe, and above all stay healthy my friends!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Corona Diaries - T.G.I.F.

T.G.I.F. - Thank GOD I'm forgiven!

For when He was on the cross, I was on His mind. 

Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love!

Little words are needed today, friends.

May the peace of the Lord be with you in these troubling times.  

Trust in Him.  

Please feel free to share my photo

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corona Diaries - Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

Welp, he did it.  Our governor announced today that all Pennsylvania schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic school year due to the CV.  My heart breaks for the kiddos.  This is not a vacation for them at all.  Sure, the first week was all fun and games but then reality sunk in and just like that online learning is the new norm. *sigh* I can tell you that I'm kinda very happy that my kids are grown and out of school.  This is a tough time right now for families with school age children.


I am most grateful that I have an "essential" job to go to every day.  Gets me up and out of the house, and as soon as I arrive at my office, my mind is focused on work.  Speaking of offices, I had a big cat visitor today.  Not the Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin kind of visitor, but a Google 3d visitor: Check out my video below:  😂😂😂🐆🐆

You can become your very own Tiger King with Google 3d!  (Yes, I too binge-watched Tiger King with the rest of America)

Joe Exotic from Tiger King

From lions and tigers, to bears, alligators and sharks, you can bring these animals to life in your very own homes. Google 3d is so addicting and the perfect quarantine activity using your smart phone.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to!

Meet Penny the Panda getting Zenny in my Zen Den at home:

Gotta keep it light folks!!

Stay informed friends, be safe and above all stay healthy!


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