Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I love my job. If you are new here, I am the secretary at my church. I have been there almost 4 years now. I work alone, usually. The pastor pops in from time to time, but his office is mostly mobile. The church is 96 years old and in need of many many repairs and updates. The roof was just replaced and now the stained glass windows are in need of repair, which is estimated to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Since I started as the secretary there, I have made many changes and updates to the office itself, including a total makeover - new window treatments, new pictures for the walls, plants and some new office equipment. There is, however, one piece of office equipment that I am still using and I despise it. It is the old fashioned, outdated, obsolete...typewriter (as shown in my blog header).  We use the typewriter to type confirmation, baptism and new member certificates. I am fully aware that there are certificates that you can print out and design on the computer. But, I have to convince the Pastor that the computer generated certificates will look and feel as nice as the high quality ones we are now typing on. 

It is my mission. My goal. My passion to rid of the ugly green outdated monster that invades my space.  I am a Church Lady living in the 21st century for goodness sakes!


quilly said...

So, buy some parchment, design an incredible, one of a kind, Baptism Certificate, print it out and hand it to the pastor.

quilly said...

btw, love the Ma{king} Memories

That corgi :) said...

maybe learn calligraphy and write the names on the certificates instead of typing them; I think that would look nice

I can't imagine still typing on an old ancient machine like that; it would make me nervous if I made a mistake; so use to just hitting the delete button here and starting again

good luck in your efforts!


Cheeseboy said...

BTW, I love your new header. Very cool.

Churches always seem to be outdated. They could be bult five years ago and still be outdated to me.

Sayre said...

Don't shoot me, but I kind of miss typewriters. I was thinking about buying one for my son so he can do papers and stuff without going to the distraction that is a computer. He gets on there and forgets why he's there in the first place.

By the way... What's our fun monday topic?

Jan n Jer said...

Attention Pasto Scott...are you reading this????


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