Monday, December 5, 2011

Lincoln Logs

As a result of the freak snow storm we had the beginning of November, several trees and limbs came down in our yard. Our property is 70% wooded, so it didn't really bother us that we lost a few trees. It just made for alot of clean up work. FW took this opportunity to cut down some larger trees that had been dead for a few years now.

With the help of his Kubota tractor, FW stacked the wood just like the traditional Lincoln Logs, (a children's toy consisting of miniature notched wooden logs used to build miniature houses and forts). And the image reminded me of something my daddy used to say when we would go camping as a family many moons ago.

"Indian build small fire, sit close.....
White man build BIG fire, sit far away!"

Rest assure, when this baby is ignited, we will not be sitting close!


Faye said...

My friends built a wonderful new home and she insisted that as many trees as possible be spared during construction. Always loved their landscape. And, of course, they still had plenty wood for the fireplaces. I'm assuming that you will enjoy some of these logs the same way, Kelly. But, do you have a big bonfire? That would be a great winter tradition.

Sharon said...

I am so happy that I have found your blog again.
I would like to have a big bon fire to warm things up here. We had over 6" of snow on Saturday and it is snow again now.BLAH!!
Have a great day.

Lois Evensen said...

It's for a fire? Hmmm. I think I'd split it and use it in the inside fireplace.

karisma said...

Oooh I would not be wasting in on a BIG fire. That would make a great pile for the inside fire. Wishing I had some right now. First week of summer down here and we have had a cold snap. I am sitting here mid morning wearing a thick woollen sweater, jammy pants and socks. So crazy. A week ago we were melting at the beach.

These Nine Acres said...

I probably will be able to see it burning from my house! LOL!

We had the same thing happen here...

That corgi :) said...

That is nice stacking of the logs! I bet it will be a delightful fire when you burn it!



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