Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is certainly in the air at School! The kids recently decorated Gingerbread houses by using Graham crackers and milk cartons. I had the pleasure of being there last year when Carley's class did these, but I was unable to attend Casey's class this year. Therefore, my loving husband and devoted father went in my place. As it turns out, there were many fathers there. I guess us moms all had the same idea. This is just the beginning of many Christmas traditions that take place at the School. They also have a Christmas carol sing along, Shopper's Room and Santa Claus actually visits the school and hands out books to the children!


Tracey said...

What fun! Are the girls in Christian school? Here they would never ever have Santa come to school, for goodness sake! We barely get away with a tree in the lobby!

Life in PA said...

Hey Tracey - No, the girls do not attend a Christian School. Just a small town school with less than 150 students. I too was shocked to learn that they promoted Santa - but very happy!


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