Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick Day

Both of my girls were home sick today with a fever and Casey was vomitting last night. I planned last night to keep both of them home today since they started with their fevers yesterday during school. Casey said that more than 1/2 of her class was out sick! I thought I would be able to sleep in this morning, however, from all the rest the girls got yesterday afternoon, they awoke at an extremely early hour! I did enjoy a nice day at home and I managed to get a few things done in between Lysol sprayings. I hope that I do not get sick. I had a flu shot back in November and have not been sick for a long time, not even a cold (knocking on wood). My girls WILL be returning to school tomorrow. By 4:00 today, they started bickering. This was a good sign, as it told me that they were feeling pretty much back to their normal aggravating selves. They have not spiked a fever since early this morning. Yahoo!!

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Tracey said...

Hope everyone is back to health! We have a "snow day" today for the ice, so we are home today!


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