Sunday, January 27, 2008

Want to Shoot Some Hoops?

Carley, Casey and Hugh take time out to shoot some hoops on a cold winter day. The net was a Christmas gift for the family. We all enjoy to play together from time to time. Carley chose not to play on a basketball team this year, which I am NOT at all sorry about. Currently the net is sitting on our new patio, but will be moved when we pave the driveway, which I am told should happen in the Spring (right, honey?). We have all waited patiently for the driveway to happen and when it does, I will surely blog about it. There are still preparations my hard working, wonderfully skilled husband needs to take before paving (I am told). When it is time, you will be the first to know!
Check out this action shot by Carley - I think it went in!

Good form Casey! Check out Cooper with his stuffed unicorn!

Wow! A one handed shot!

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