Monday, March 31, 2008

Nothing's Gonna Steal My Joy

I had the pleasure of attending a very enjoyable Women's Conference this past weekend. My good friend, Kirsten was the "MC" for the event and I must say, it was very well planned and organized. Kirsten did a wonderful job as a part of the Women's Ministry Team. A group of us girls went together and the conference was well attended with a total of about 240 women. The speaker for the event was Joani Tabor (simply click on her name and it will take you to her web site). I enjoyed listening to her sing praises of God and preach on life's strategies. Joani has ministered all over the U.S. as well as 20 other countries. She has many hit praise and worship songs. "Nothing's Gonna Steal My Joy" was the theme for the conference. The key points Joani discussed during the conference were as follows:
1. Learn the meaning of success. Success is found in the hand of God, for he has never failed. Place your hand in God every day.
2. Learn to have freedom in your life. Take the mercy and accept the help.
3. Don't let suffering define who you are, for it is a part of life.
4. What you resist most, is what you need most.
5. Learn to live under authority. Embrace it and thank your husband for being your "umbrella of protection". Learn to be a "help mate" to your husband. Pray, help, encourage and bring strength to each other's weaknesses.
6. Give your rights up to God, and in the end you will receive privileges.
7. Have a clear conscience before God. Learn to forgive those who hurt you.

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