Monday, May 12, 2008

Cline Family Reunion

Well, Mother's Day was a busy one for me. The second part of my Mother's Day celebration included a Family Reunion at the park.

We had 52 family members and friends join our celebration on Sunday, May 11. It was a cloudy and windy day which ended with some rain, but at least we had a cozy building to occupy our food and family!

Good golly miss molly did we ever have enough food! Many thanks to everyone who brought the delicious dishes and yummy snacks! I do no think anyone left hungry!

A special thanks to the "Grilling Team", Hugh and Bernie for serving up our juicy hot dogs, sausages, burgers and chicken!

Many thanks to the game committee for planning the outrageously silly games, such as the "Rice Krispie Face Race", where you begin by dunking your face in a pan of water, then in a pan of rice krispies, (see below) then race about 100 yards to an empty container where you scrape the rice krispies from your face and race back to tag your next team mate! This was a timed event and which ever team had collected the most rice krispies in their containers from their faces, won! You really had to be there to see that one! It was the most amusing game. There was also an "A to Z" scavenger hunt where each team had to locate one item beginning with each letter of the alphabet and a water squirting contest in which many of the contestants finished a little more than wet!

Thanks to everyone who donated door prizes! It was so good to see everyone and to meet the newest member of our family, "Lily" (pictured below with her Daddy, Matt). She is a dear! I hope you all had a good time. It is always a crazy time when the Cline's reunite!
Tracy & Gabby
Rick and Michael

Pop Pop taking Holly for a walk

Our Beautiful Baby Holly

Curt and Cody attempting a diaper change on Riley
Relaxing on the front porch is Colin, Chris and Mackenzie
Casey, Ainsley, Mackenzie and Carley play volleyball

Some windsurfers entertained us... the end...


Tracey said...

Looks like a blast! Is that where we had ours before? Looks like the same place! The rice krispie face race looks hysterical!

Living Life In PA said...

Tracey - Yep, it's the same perfect place! Love it!!!


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