Monday, June 9, 2008

Creepy Encounters

It's that time of year when everything is blooming gorgeously, the grass is growing fast and all the creepy insects, reptiles and spiders are having their babies and thriving. Our first encounter with a 4 1/2 to 5 foot black snake (Matt - what do you think?) occurred this weekend down by our tree house in the front yard. We have yet to see a snake around here. Neighbors have spoke of them... we have seen shed skins and evidence of them, but no encounters, until now. Well, this snake sure was pretty and not one bit scared. Take a look at my home video below. I also posted a few still shots.

Well, if that isn't enough to creep you out, check out what I found in the car wash bucket in our garage. I was reaching in to grab the brush and this is what made me jump out of my skin.... a mama spider and hundreds of her babies resting on her back. She is still in the bucket, as I did not want to disturb "Charlotte" and her babies. S0, we moved Charlotte and the bucket to the back of woods.

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iPost said...

WOW! He was a "biggen" as my dad would say. We found one about that size a couple of weeks ago down by the stream. Brian found 4 garter snakes in ONE day when cutting the grass. We like our snakes as they keep the field mice and toads to a minimum.


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