Friday, June 6, 2008

Farewell 5th Grade!

Ok, I am on a roll today. I need to get caught up. Sorry I have not been in the blogging mood lately. Just busy. So, before I prepare for this HUGE yard sale we are having tomorrow at Mom's, I wanted to share some pictures of Carley's 5th Grade Farewell, *Sniff*, *Sniff*. I can't believe my baby girl will be going into Middle School. I am somewhat saddened by this, but on the other hand, I realize that it will be an exciting new beginning for her, where she will make many new friends and hopefully step outside of her "box". I know for sure that she is VERY excited to begin this new chapter in her life. I just don't want the innocent elementary school days to end. She was "safe" there. She knew the routine. I did not worry about her. Now, it will be a whole new ballgame. I WILL worry about her, but I can only hope that she will make good choices, as I continue to guide and support her on this new journey of her life. Congratulations, Carley - you have reached a new milestone and Mommy and Daddy are SOOOOOOO very proud of you.
1 hour before the Farewell party, Carley and Kiki fell fast asleep, lolly pop and all, on our front porch. It was poring down rain and thundering.

How precious. She usually NEVER takes a nap.

The Farewell cake was yummy!

Carley, Ms. D and Casey

Both of my girls were fortunate to have Ms. D as their teacher. We will miss her next year, as she will be leaving the school to teach at another.

Parents and students played,"Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" at the Farewell party

Here, the class of 2015 sings their song, "Savin' Me" by Nickelback (click link to hear song)

These gorgeous girls, Carley calls her BFF's, will be breaking some hearts!

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iPost said...

I feel your pain! Ty is going into middle school as well, but his farewell isn't until Wednesday. Then the 5th grade field trip is the last day, Thursday. I think middle school will be great for him!


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