Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Camp Time Again

I can't believe it's time again for camp! This year my girls were very excited for camp, as several of their friends would be attending with them. Last year, they were overwhelmed with homesickness, but in the end, they ended up having a wonderful time! When we arrived at camp on Sunday (100 miles from home), it was a muggy, hot day and it began to pour down rain as we were unloading the car! I was certain that I would feel better about leaving them this year. Last year, I spent the entire week having night mares and constantly wondering if they were OK. Just click here or here to see last year's posts about camp. I am a little better this year, but still, I did not sleep at all on the first night. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the "free" time and the shopping sprees with Mom. I did receive a letter from both of them today. Their letters gave me reassurance that they are indeed having an "AWESOME" time, as quoted by Casey! I am counting down the days until their return...

Inside the "A-Frame" (sleeping quarters) with 2 of their counselors

Getting ready to go have dinner at the Dining Hall

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