Monday, August 18, 2008

The Family Thinks We're Crazy

Traveling all the way to Cape Coral, Florida just for a HotSpring Hot Tub may sound crazy to most people, especially to our family, but to us it was all very well worth it! The journey began on Thursday afternoon around 2 p.m. August 8th, when my adventurous husband and brother-in-law, Jay, took the Expedition (trailer in tow) on a long 19 hour ride to Cape Coral. With Jay in charge, it was all business and no pleasure on this road trip! They met up with some buddies in Port Charlotte (just north of Cape Coral) who helped them load up the 800+ pound hot tub onto the trailer and secure it for the ride home. Thank goodness for Bob and Karen offering their home in Daytona to Hugh and Jay where they could stop for a few hours of shut-eye before their journey back home on Saturday. And no, we do not have "buyer's remorse". What we HAVE is an awesome hot tub with tons of jets and a Moto massage to relieve our achin' bones. The kids are thrilled to have a mini heated pool which they have been swimming in non-stop since last Monday! THANKS JAY FOR ALL YOUR HELP! WE LOVE YOU!!!! (Click below for a quick video of our newest addition to the patio.)

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iPost said...

So you are totally having the next family reunion, right? ;0)


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