Thursday, September 18, 2008

Church Chat - "My faith is my foundation"

Today is my first Church Chat. I will be writing a weekly Church Chat post which will mostly be about my opinion on a current topic. There will be no particular day in which I will post Church Chat, just when I have an enlightening opinion to share with you. Isn't that special? I welcome your comments and opinions.

Let's talk about "hacking" shall we? How about that dirty old hacker who stole Governor Sarah Palin's identity and hacked into her personal computer's e-mail account? Apparently, the "lurker" confessed his sin to authorities after he found out that the FBI was going to launch a full investigation. What is disturbing to me is that Palin's personal information, including pictures of her children and private e-mails between her and her husband and other family members were all over the Internet, but it didn't stop some (left wingers) people from searching online for her personal information and reading it! Now, the controversy is that Palin sometimes uses non-government e-mail to conduct State business and critics of Palin's administration are combing through her e-mails looking for evidence of improper political activity. When Palin was asked to comment on this most disturbing issue, she simply stated, "They can attack me all they want..." "There are bigger things to worry about..." "My faith is my foundation". God bless Sarah Palin! One on God's side is a majority!

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