Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got Photos?

What do you do with all those precious pictures and memories from over the years? Have you ever heard of Creative Memories? Many of my blog readers are already very familiar with CM and I would love to have you at my party on the 26th, so that you can see ALL the new products! Don't think that Creative Memories is all about scrapbooking. CM now offers many new options for organizing your photos, including photo albums, framing, and computer organization of your photos. You can even create personalized gifts. Very awesome! Click the Creative Memories link above to see a full online catalog. If you cannot make my fun party where you will be able to enjoy good food, games and prizes, then please let me know if you would like to purchase something to add to your CM collection, or if you would like to get started by purchasing something for your new CM collection. I would greatly appreciate it! You will be very satisfied with every CM product - Creative Memories and I guarantees it!

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