Monday, September 29, 2008

What A Difference A Bush Makes!

We have been in our home for five years already! How the time flies! It seems that there is always work in progress around here, as most of you homeowners are familiar with. There have been gradual projects completed, yet there is still so much to be done. It is nice to sometimes "sub out" work to someone else, as Hugh has invested alot of sweat equity into our home thus far. One of the things we were able to "sub out" is our front landscaping, as we are very privileged to have in our family a wonderfully, knowledgeable green thumb known as my favorite brother-in-law, Matt. His landscaping services is a housewarming gift to us.

Some of the family may not even be aware that Matt has his own on the side landscaping business known as A Greener Image. Matt's expertise in knowing the names of all the varieties of plants, shrubs and trees, as well as growing zones, sun exposure, height, width, and all other specifications, makes for a professionally landscaped yard. Take a look below at my before and after pictures. What a difference a bush makes! Thanks Matt and Tracy for an awesome housewarming gift! It truly does warm our home and we love it!
(Readers: if you have a need for landscaping, or if you simply want landscaping advice, let me contact Matt for you!)

Did I mention that Hugh laid the sidewalk pavers? I need to give my husband credit where credit is due. He has worked very hard on making our home look beautiful! Recently, he has excavated and seeded the remaining areas around the garage and front sidewalk. Our garage doors will soon be installed, and we are coming down the home stretch until our driveway is finally ready for paving. I was just informed, however, that we need to take another dead red oak down along the existing driveway before we pave. Hugh wants to have the stump sculpted with a chainsaw into a bear or something of that nature. I say no way. What do you think?

Too bad this "Chainsaw Chick" (click) lives in California. It sure would be exciting to see how she carves her wood!


{i}Post said...

i am thinking her boobs are fake. But she does look pretty cool with that chainsaw! We have a carved bear from Brian's uncle's fair years ago. He lives on our steps. :0)

{i}Post said...

I left something for you over at 9 Acres- come see!

Janis said...

It would be a unique addition to your landscape. How about an Indian Chief? lol! The landscaping looks beautiful. Matt really knows his stuff, everything he has planted for us is thriving and healthly. What a difference your paved driveway will make(no more mud-YEA) Love Mom

Tracy said...

Wow! You're right. The landscaping does look great! I'm just bragging at bit because my husband did the work.


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