Friday, October 10, 2008

Introducing The Freedom Writer

I have been blogging for about a year and a half now. Wow how time flies! According to my husband, I need to join "Blogger's Anonymous" for my addiction and after I did some researching to see if there was such an organization, it seems there are several blogs for blogging addictions and blogger's anonymous blogs. Blog, blog, blog. He also refers to me as having a "blogger butt" (_!_) and I'm pretty sure that is an insult. "Whatever" I told him, "it doesn't cost a thing except for time". I call it my hobby and like to think of it as keeping a journal of my life. I do not see anything wrong with that!! Anyway, I have been encouraging him to begin his own blog or be a guest author on my blog. He has so many thoughts, (mostly about politics) going on in his head, that I told him it would help if he could vent and write them down or type them up, like in a blog! It seemed he needed a little coaxing, so I went ahead and got him started with a design. He has written his first post and I would like to share an excerpt of his first post below. For the complete article, just click here. I think his posts will be few and far in between, but if you are in to politics and/or you just simply want to support him on his new endeavor, save The Freedom Writer to your favorites! He will definitely be one of mine!

"Only one generation ago their was no TV, air conditioning, computers, nuclear power, microwave ovens, cell phones with tv’s, fm radio, rock and roll, and Starbucks. The list is actually pretty long. The list of medical advancements in the U.S.A. is very long as well, and has improved life for everyone around the world. What this country has accomplished in the last 100 years alone is extraordinary and possible for one reason, freedom. Freedom is what saved the world in world war II, (when good people do nothing, evil wins) put a man on the moon, and gave us our independence to create a country for “We The People”. Brave free hard working men and women built this country. The prosperity created by this freedom has also been spread around the world. We often take all that has been accomplished for granted including our freedom. Nobody ever died trying to get to Cuba from Florida on a homemade raft. A lot of people have sacrificed their health and lives for the freedom of this country and other countries. I’m sure you have heard the saying “freedom is not free” freedom is also very fragile, and takes a lot of hard work and responsibility to maintain. Every day our freedoms are under assault by evil people that mean us harm inside and outside of this country. Others with good intentions can also threaten our freedoms through legislation in our local and federal government. One of John Kennedy’s famous quotes “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country’’. One of Hugh Reynolds’ famous quotes “Take care of your self and your family, that is what you can do for your country.” A country’s freedom can be lost in one war or one day at a time. When the courts start making decisions that “We The People” should be deciding, freedoms are lost. When congress votes against the will of “We The People” to cover up their own mistakes, freedoms are lost. (The time for term limits for congress is now.) Don’t take freedom for granted. As a United States citizen, stay informed but not too much, it will make you crazy, like me. Be informed before you vote, as it’s not a popularity contest. When the government takes care of more and more of your needs it’s called socialism. If they give it to you, they can take it away. The government did not give you your freedom, God did, weather you believe in him or not. Your freedom can not come from another man."

Many Blessings,


{i}Post said...

We have a blogging kind of family, do we not?!?

Faye said...

I'm writing this late at night so thanks for the little reggae bonus! You could let us all know about blogger's anonymous because it certainly is addictive--in a good way. How else could we meet so many interesting and nice people?

I read Freedom Writer's first post. I may not be voting for the same person in November, but I agree with many of his views--like an election is not a popularity contest and I also worry about too much government intervention, in the name of helping, in our lives.

The Church Lady said...

Good to hear from you Faye! Thanks for your nice comments!! Please visit again!


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