Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn Snow

When I awoke Friday morning, November 21st, I was surprised to see it snowing! Although it didn't amount to much - just a dusting, it continued to snow like a dickens on and off the entire day! I don't ever remember it snowing this early in November, especially on my Birthday. Mom will tell you a different story though. She remembers it flurrying this very day in 1967 while on her way to the hospital for her first little girl to be born. She recalls Dad having to stop at a gas station to put air in the tires before speeding off to the hospital. Awwwwwwe!

The snow certainly was pretty on Friday; but, it has been so cold here - only in the low 30's and there is still a light dusting of snow lingering over top the fallen leaves. I think we are in for a very cold winter!



Gorgeous pictures!

Janis said...

Great pictures, what a good photgrapher your are! I agree, you may be in for a cold winter this year! brrrrrrrrrrrr

Colleen said...

Glad you liked the snow. I ordered it especially for your birthday. j/k Beautiful pics Kelly.


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