Monday, December 1, 2008

The Shack

I have just finished reading "The Shack" (thanks to my Aunt Mary for the recommendation) a fiction story written by author, William "Paul" Young. I could not put this book down. It is sad, intense, uplifting, and shocking! The Shack is the first published book written by William P. Young. I do not normally like Fiction stories, but I have heard so many people talking about this book, and when my Aunt said it was a "must read", I immediately purchased it at my local Walmart.

This short story (only 248 pages long) is about a father, "Mack" Philips, who takes his three children on a family camping trip while his wife visits her sister. Just as they are about to leave the campsite, the two older kids decide to take a last canoe ride before heading home. As their canoe overturns, and Mack goes to help them, his back is turned and the unspeakable happens. Mack's youngest daughter, Missy, is abducted by a known child predator. After a massive search, evidence of Missy shows up at an abandoned cabin. Although they never find her body, everyone knows the worst has happened. For the next four years "a great sadness" falls over Mack and his family, until a note from God shows up in his mailbox. What happens next will move you to a greater understanding of God's unfailing love for us all.

I encourage you to read The Shack and then link to the author's blog, Wind Rumors for pod casts and interviews as well as forums and discussions about the story. You will be amazed at the readers' varied opinions.

To me, reading The Shack was like looking at God from "behind the scenes". It puts in perspective what God's relationship is with us and in us from His point of view. The Shack has made me crave the presence of God in my life even more now than ever before. If you choose to read The Shack, keep an open mind....

Many Blessings,


{i}Post said...

I have heard a lot about this book...I will have to read it soon!

Janis said...

I am buying the book tomorrow,cant wait to read it.


I'd never heard of this book. I just put a hold on it at the library and I'm 135th in line. I haven't read a book in awhile; this sounds like a good one!


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