Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unique Christmas Gifts

Internet shopping is ever so popular these days and you can't find these unique gifts in Target or Walmart:

Obama Action Figure for the Obama lover in your family - have some "hope" right on your desktop!

Alleviate stress and migraines with this Head Spa! It massages and jiggles your brain!

Never buy beer at the stadium again! Give your beer buddies on one of these - it will hold 80 oz. of beer - that's more that a six pack!

Gel Soap Dispenser for someone who "nose" they are in need of some humorous hygiene!

A great gift for the smokers in your family - they can keep their mittens on while smoking their ciggies! No more cold hands!

Click Baron Bob's for details on the above items or for more unique Christmas gift ideas.

On a more serious note (no pun intended), you must check out these laminated note cards for your kids and loved ones. My ever so creative and talented "cousin-in-law" over at Nine Acres has created, designed and packaged these loving little cards to sell on her NEW "Simply Smooches" blog site. There is a special right now, and if you purchase the Countdown To Christmas cards, you will get 10 laminated adult cards free! Slip one in your child's lunchbox, under their pillow, in their coat pocket or give them one at dinner every night! Click here to purchase a set!

Do you have a unique Christmas gift idea?


Tracy said...

I love the "unique" Christmas ideas. Especially the Obama doll but instead of putting some "hope" on your desk, you'll be putting "Git R Done"

{i}Post said...

Thanks for the plug! I love the head spa! Maybe you could tell Brian to get it for me! :0p

Janis said...

I think flavored coffee is a unique idea! hint hint!

The Freedom Writer said...

How about some flavored wine!

Anonymous said...

Love the gift ideas. David told me of a Hilary "nut" cracker gift.
love a gift with a flare.Kirsten


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