Monday, December 1, 2008


Only in Pennsylvania do schools close for the first day of rifle deer season! Soooooo, since it was such a dreary day and I was feeling really nice, I decided to take the girls and a few of their friends to see the new animated 3-D movie "Bolt". It was a pleasant surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed and I cried, (Am I the only person who cries during an animated film?) but I won't tell you why - you will have to go see it for yourself. Take your kids or grandkids! When this movie is released on DVD, I will definitely be adding it to our library. It was enjoyed by all!

Click below to see the movie trailer. (Scroll down to pause music player.)


{i}Post said...

Maybe we will go this weekend!

Janis said...

I forgot to ask you how that went. Looks and sounds like it was a good time for all. Cute photos of all the girls.


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