Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cricut Anyone?

Due to my love of scrapbooking, I feel the need to share information with you about this wonderful new tool I have acquired, known as "Cricut". Technically, it belongs to my two girls, since it was a gift from "Santa". They have used it a great deal since Christmas and I have a feeling it will continue to have many hours of use for a long time to come. It is a digital cutting machine which you can program to cut letters, shapes, designs, etc. using different cartridges. You simply insert the cartridge and template, tell it what size you would like and press cut! It is very user friendly. My kids learned how to use it completely on their own. So far, we have used the Cricut Expression cutting machine to make school projects and posters, greeting cards, scrapbooking - the list is endless. I would say that the only downside is that each cartridge is quite costly as they range in price from $40 to $80 each! Two cartridges come with the machine, a font cartridge and home designs cartridge. You can purchase the Cricut Expression at A.C. Moore, Michaels or Walmart. The best part is, 3 of my best girlfriends own a Cricut too, so we can share the cartridges!!

My Christmas scrapbook

Some designs made by the girls

An unfinished Girl Scout project made by Carley

My scrapbooking area - notice Cricut to the far right


Anonymous said...

i want one!!!

dh was going to get me one last year but then he lost his job and we moved! so i am waiting until i get our own place and back on our feet! i can think of hundred of uses for it. have fun with yours (looks like you are off to a great start with it)!

Heather said...

I am jeaolus of both your scrapbooking area and your cricut!!!!!! Your organized area looks so perfect to work in! I bet I could get tons done with space like that!

I have a cuttlebug from provocraft, but have had the opportunity to use a friends cricut. It is very cool!

Janis said...

I can not wait to use your cricut. It makes my scrapbooking look so lame.


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