Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mail Call Sunday - Tax Time

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We received one of several tax forms via snail mail this week in which PA residents must file on or before April 15th. Not only are we required to file the Fed and State income tax returns, but we are also required to file a local return known as Form T4 Hanover Area Earned Income Tax - Final Wage Return and Profits Tax. This particular return taxes 1% of your total income!! And, I just learned that it also taxes 1% of your 401-K earnings for the year!! We do not even live in Hanover, nor does my husband work in PA. This just seems unconstitutional to me. I do love living in PA, but they sure do know how to find a way to tax you for everything. If anyone is considering a move to PA, I recommend that you first look into all the numerous taxes you will be required to pay - School Tax, Head Tax, Wage and Profit Tax, Property Tax - the list goes on.... Housing may be cheaper than in some other States, but you will certainly pay out the arse in taxes!

Happy Tax Filing,


Janis said...

Amen, we found out the hard way also. That school tax is what gets our blood boiling!

Anonymous said...

i never heard of that one while we were living there. hmm. and we actually feel that housing is a lot more expensive in PA than in other areas we have been. and the taxes are killer! i don't miss that.

but atleast in PA you don't pay tax on clothing or unprepared food (groceries). that is nice!

{i}Post said...

*ugh* taxes! I am glad hubby does it instead of me! Sorry it took me so long to check it out, but i didn't know you participated this week! Hugs!


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