Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mail Call Sunday

Happy Sunday! It is time again for Mail Call Sunday, hosted and invented by i-Post. On our way home from church today, we checked our mailbox since I had not checked for mail in over 2 days. To my surprise, there were two personal notes - one was from my wonderful and caring "Auntie Al" to the attention of my daughter, Casey. The other was a written thank-you note to my daughter, Carley from my sister-in-law, Lori.

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How nice it was to receive these two hand-written notes in the mail. Nobody writes letters anymore. E-mail seems to have taken over this old fashioned way of "keeping in touch". It seems that some people are afraid to write anymore. Maybe they do not have good handwriting, or they cannot spell very good, or they simply do not have the time to sit down and invest a half hour in someone else, even if there is no news to tell. Still, don't you find yourself rummaging through the day's mail, hoping for just one letter amid the junk and bills - a sign that another human being actually cares enough about you to invest the time to write?

One idea our Pastor shared for the new year was to save all of your Christmas cards and each day, write a brief note to one of those people who sent you a card. You could try to correspond your letter to a birthday or anniversary but even a note that says, "thinking of you" at any time will communicate that you care and that the other person matters to you. You may be surprised what a difference this simple act of caring may have in the lives of those you love.


Anonymous said...

i think that is so true. i know that i try to have my daughter write a thank you note when she receives gifts and such. sometimes we forget but are usually pretty good about it.

in our last youth group we did Christian service projects and one of them was a letter writing ministry. they had to write 5 different types of letters. it was one that i pushed heavily as i felt it was beneficial for the teen girls.

{i}Post said...

That is the whole reason I love getting snail mail. The kind where there is another human behind the writing, and not just a computer generated rhetoric. Thanks for participating!

Janis said...

You are so right about people taking the time to write a letter. I just sent a letter to two of my girlfriends, it was not hand written, rather it was typed on the computer and printed out, hope that counts.


What a great post. I have not tossed out my cards yet ... I do actually save all the photo ones; but it crossed my mind to write a note to each of them. Thanks for the reminder. I'll put the basket of my cards on my desk and go through them through out the next few weeks.


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