Friday, January 16, 2009

Single Digits

It is bone chilling cold here today in PA and throughout much of the northern states. It is a whopping 8 degrees and is not supposed to get any warmer throughout the weekend. There are wind chill advisories in effect and some snow advisories as well, but with little to no accumulations. We are mid-way through January and this part of PA has hardly seen any snow yet this winter. We have had several dustings and a few ice storms, but no significant amount of snow. It is somewhat disappointing, even though I am not a fan of the fluffy white stuff - I would love to see at least one big snow this winter! There is something exciting about a blanket of snow covering the ground outside while you are warm and cozy inside your home sipping a hot cup of cocoa. It just makes me want to bake some gooey chocolate chip cookies...... I can smell them now... hmmmmm hmmmmm good. I enjoy looking out the window and watching the dog and the kids sledding and frolicking in the snow. I am sure our time for snow is coming. It would be a miracle if we got through the winter with none. But for today, we are living in the single digits! I think I will stay in.

p.s. The nearby lake is beginning to freeze over and soon the ice fishermen will be all over it. Come back next week and I will share my photos of them with you.

Warm Wishes,


Janis said...

Oh my, just looking at your pictures, make me shiverrrrrrr. Just one thought, let the snow come and go before I arrive back in Pa. Of course I would love to see photos of it. Stay Warm!!!!

Heather said...

My kids are on their second day of no school because of extreme temperatures in the Chicago area. when I got onto blog this morning, the weather bug said it was -21, and that was not the windchill! We are also experiencing the third snowiest winter ever here. some days I've shovelled three times. the snow is piled higher than our mailbox (from the shovelling). We have gone through an industrial sized hot chocolate and will be starting our second package sometime this week!

The Freedom Writer said...

Friday March 20, is the first day of spring! Only two months away!

Tracy said...'s pretty darn cold out there. It is fun when we get our first significant snowfall. Our boots are ready to be used.

Colleen said...

I'm wishing for snow also. I can't wait to take Michael out to play in it. Last year he didn't want anything do with it.

At least with being laid off I don't have to worry about going out to warm up the car at 6:am in 6 degree weather. lol Trying to think positive here!

Tracy said...

Forgot to mention that your pictures look great! Are they in Black and white?

Anonymous said...

i love when the trees look like this.

p.s. i fixed my videos in case you want to come back and view them! thanks for letting me know that.


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